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Wikia; briefies, colour

The illustration shows a girl typically attired for a Strategy game in Paradise. The briefies, here in light olive, fit to just above the curve of the hip and the legs are analogous to those in an exercise leotard. The girl wears a dark-brown cotton t-shirt, mid-height boots in waterproofed canvas with heavy rubber lug soles, and a bandanna about her head to both constrain her hair and to wick away perspiration. As do many girls playing the games, she has chosen a bright colour for the bandanna, either in deference to girllish chic or to defy an enemy to target her in combat, much in the way flamboyant cockcades were often worn by combatants in times past. She would probably carry a black plastic air-powered rifle to fire wax pellets and might wear a belt of canvas webbing on which she can carry spare ammunition and supplies. So attired she is able, without any compromise to either her dignity or to her team manoeuvres, to climb hillsides, scale trees and fences, swim or ford streams, and run at full speed in the pursuit of a competitive game strategy.

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