Culture and society of The British Paradise Islands Edit

Local peculiarities, in the British Paradise Islands Edit

5.01.1. Paradisian slang

5.09. Local peculiarities, terms, concepts, as frequently mentioned in stories

5.09.02. The doe party, young people's activity

5.12. Dress standards, as codified by practice

5.12.07. Private attire, standard of dress

5.12.11. The 'anime look', fashion trend

5.12.12. Briefies, popular activewear

5.14. Statute ages, for progressive legal rights

5.13. The Decency Statutes

5.26.601. Liz Priest, local guitarist/singer/songwriter]]

5.56. Live theatre

5.56.1. Cinema

5.72. Narcotics-interdiction efforts of Jonathan Cavaliere and David Holloway

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4.09 - Girls' PE dress