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Hope Island is the third-largest department and one of the six major cays of The British Paradise Islands archipelago, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, featured in the Two Paradises fiction/fantasy realm, as devised by Jonnie Comet.

It is the middle of the five islands that represent the principal land area and population of the territory. Hope is separated from Eden Island by The Race, a fast-moving channel, and from Rum Island by Saviour's Pass, a narrow, deceptive channel not often used by commercial shipping and large yachts. Both are spanned by causeways making Hope one of the links in an uninterrupted route from Casino to Sunset Beach.

Hastings, Hope Island, is a terminus for cargo ferries to and from Caravelle Island.

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Local features Edit

On Hope Island are numerous facilities for sport, education, culture, and entertainment, including:

Also present on the island are a motorsports raceway, horse-racing track, civil aerodrome, and a port of entry including freighter quays.

Grand Beach Engineering, the technological-research firm founded by Jack 'Doc' Holloway, father of Hope Island resident Sir David Holloway, has an aquatic-sciences research facility at Skye Cove.

The island's students are served by several small primary schools (forms 0-2), three elementary schools (forms 1-4) and Hope-Coventry High School, attended also by secondary students from Coventry, on Eden Island, across The Race bridge.

Hope Island is also the home of Sir David Holloway, his wife Lynda and their family, whose estate, Cair Paravel, is located on (renamed) Narnia Cay, accessible via a long causeway bridge (like that at Camelot) over Audrey Pass from the Skye Cove area.

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