Melissa Ayle Stockhart (b.1971) is an American freelance reviewer, editor and sometime educator from New Jersey.  She received her BArts from University of Delaware in 1993, stopping midway through her MArts sometime around 2000.  She has worked for Educational Testing Service and several other contractors in grading standardised-test essays, notably for the SAT, since 1997.

An admiring friend of author Jonnie Comet since the two worked together in 1998-1999, she was a reader of early drafts of his Pamela, or Virtue Reclaimed and of numerous instalments of the 'Two Paradises' series.  She serves as an editor-at-large for Surf City Source, editing Love Me Do as well as various instalments of the Janine, of Paradise and Gwendolyn Dahl story arcs.