The Seduction of Susie is the introductory instalment in the Paradise Two domain of the Two Paradisesfantasy/fiction realm, by author Jonnie Comet.

The novel tells the story of Lady Susie’s initiation into lesbian relations by her classmate and confidante Darby St Claire, between November 1994 and February 1995. 

Plot Edit

Visiting a few days after Lady Susie’s 15th birthday, Darby presents her with a gift of revealing lingerie knickers, encouraging her to experiment with them.  A few weeks later, Lady Susie hosts Darby at Camelot Palace and, whilst the two are basking under the indoor sunlamps, Darby becomes aroused and masturbates silently, admitting it to Lady Susie as they share a shower afterwards.  After the New Year, Darby continues to encourage Lady Susie to become intimately involved; but Lady Susie repeatedly rebuffs her attempts to take control of the relationship.

Irresistibly attracted to the pretty, shapely, intelligent and culturally-sophisticated junior baroness, Darby is insatiably curious about just what Lady Susie can or will do. She tries a new tack and introduces her first to Nicole Bonelle and then to Terri Peale, both of whom are experienced lesbians and who are successful at enticing Lady Susie into sexual intimacy.  Convinced by Terri that Darby truly does care for her, Lady Susie finally yields herself to her admiring friend after an overnight doe party at Bonnie Watson’s house. The two consummate a new phase of their friendship with a romantic night at the Knight’s Head Inn apartment; and Darby confesses she had never imagined a relationship with the formerly-reluctant Lady Susie could seem so uninhibited and rewarding.

Characterisation Edit

The Seduction of Susie establishes the character of Darby St Claire as being cowardly yet conniving, one to use others’ efforts to her own advantage and to allow others to risk their reputations before she ventures forth on her own.

The story is interesting for characterising Lady Susie as inexperienced, somewhat shy and even prudish, an early view of one who later goes on to become one of the most outspoken and audaciously-free-spirited characters in the whole fiction/fantasy realm.

Other characters appearing in the novel include Sherry Moss, Laura Ivey, Jenny Talbot, Alex Whittaker, and Mrs St Claire.

Features Edit

The novel contains numerous examples of fan service, especially in frequent mentions of Lady Susie's nudity and penchant for wearing lingerie as private attire in incongruous situations, such as to and from the all-girls sleepover. Detailed accounts of sexual activity, particularly masturbation and various forms of lesbian sex, represent mature themes not for younger readers. In general such elements are treated with polite respect, the narration being largely constrained to characters' perceptions rather than explicit descriptions.

The interrelated associations amongst Lady Susie, Darby, Nicole and Terri are represented with restraint; it is clear, though not explicitly stated in the text, that Darby has had numerous encounters with both girls before.

The trope of the eager ingenue applies to the novel, as does that of the closeted hussy.

Sequence Edit

The story’s events are preceded by those of the compilation Twilight Comes Soon (Paradise One) and followed by those of the novella A Night On The Town.

Publication Edit

Jonnie Comet meant the character to resemble his former girlfriend, to whom the novel is dedicated.

The Seduction of Susie is the first-completed instalment in the Paradise Two domain, having been conceived in the 1980s and having been published as an e-text in mid-1993. As of August 2015 it is to be rereleased as a modern e-text, with paperback edition to follow.

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