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Doc. 2.63.1. The VIP Edit

The British Airways ‘VIP’ round-trip flight was initiated in 1991, following the completion of the Paradise Transoceanic Air Terminal, to provide regular commuter service between the territory and London (Heathrow). Though originally envisioned as a daily flight, cost constraints soon limited the service to three flights per week. Thus all business travellers not wishing to spend much more time (and much more money) on slower means of travel must plan appointments in accordance with the VIP schedule; the briefest possible business trip to the islands would be of 49 hours (from scheduled arrival to scheduled departure).

One stop is made for refueling at Independence International at Belize City (Independence).

The VIP is frequently used by tourists as well, typically as part of a comprehensive tour package sponsored in part or in full by British Air.

Other regular flights connect the islands with Sydney, Vancouver, Tokyo, Auckland and San Diego.

Local arrival and departure times (London, Belize, BPI) are given in bold face.

Inbound leg 1 Edit

  • Dep. London: MWF 07.00 / MWF 01.00 / †TH 22.00

flight time: 9 h 30 m; flight distance: 8350 km [5190 mi]

  • Arr. Belize: MWF 16.30 / MWF 10.30 / MWF 07.30

layover: 1 h

Inbound leg 2 Edit

  • Dep. Belize: MWF 17.30 / MWF 11.30 / MWF 08.30

flight time: 6 h 30 m; flight distance: 5380 km [3345 mi]

  • Arr. BPI: THS 00.00 / MWF 18.00 / MWF 15.00

layover: 1 h

Outbound leg 1 Edit

  • Dep. BPI: THS 01.00 / MWF 19.00 / MWF 16.00

flight time: 6 h 30 m; flight distance: 5380 km [3345 mi]

  • Arr. Belize: THS 07.30 / THS 01.30 / THS 22.30
  • layover: 1 h

Outbound leg 2 Edit

  • Dep. Belize: THS 08.30 / THS 02.30 / THS 23.30

flight time: 9 hr 30 m; flight distance: 8350 km [5190 mi]

  • Arr. London: THS 18.00 / THS 12.00 / THS 09.00

Appearances in the stories Edit

The VIP is the principal commercial-travel means of characters' leaving and returning to the islands, especially as pertains to the Cavaliere family of Camelot, the seven of whom are often divided between the private family jet (Dassault Falcon 50) and the BA VIP.

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Doc. 2.63.1. b. 2010.1105. ©JCP Ltd Edit

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